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by Phil Amara and Tina Pratt

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smart kids. cool stuff. new world.

Four genius middle-school kids leave their life of homework and school buses to transport to adventures on a planet gone wild. This is a strange, primordial world with a talking T-Rex, mutated monsters, and five-eyed sharks. It’s up to the quartet to put the planet’s crazy ecology right, while testing their inventions and proving their friendships in ways they could never imagine. Join naturalist Fuse, oceanographer Dove, inventive Bass, and inquisitive Art as they unlock the secrets of PLANET!

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Like our Calamari Burger Employees of The Month, no story is complete without a great cast!

Disclaimer: Dinosaurs are NOT permitted in any of our Calamari Burger restaurant locations or Squiddie-Land Play Areas.


Art loves to study. He could be interested in Egypt one day, and volcanoes the next. He wants to know it all!


Dove is at home in the ocean, and loves using the sea to help her create cool stuff.


Fuse loves nature, and her amazing inventions are inspired by the forests around her.


Bass is a genius who loves to go faster, higher, and riskier. He's the clone son of the professor.


Gene knows only life on Planet. Raised by his father, he is the selfish clone-brother of Bass.


Professor is the world's smartest, craziest scientist, who experiments on nature and sometimes himself.


Kelly is a Tyrannosaurus X. She's the pet puppy Art always wanted, but this puppy can eat a mailbox whole!

About the Creators

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Planet Comic


Phil Amara

is a sequential-art author, educator, and former editor. His fascination with comics started as a child. He has worked with and learned from an astounding list of creators: Will Eisner, Alan Moore, Charles Burns, Dave McKean, Mark Schultz, Dave Cooper, James Robinson, Carlos Meglia, Brian Bolland, and Craig Thompson, to name a few. He is the author of two comics of his own creation: "The Nevermen" with artist Guy Davis and the small-press comedy "Sky Ape" with Richard Jenkins. He is the author of the children’s picture book "Treehouse Heroes" and Simon & Schuster’s nonfiction guide "So You Want to Be a Comic-Book Artist?"


Tina Pratt

is a graphic designer, illustrator, and the creator of the webcomic, "The Paul Reveres", an alternate reality interpretation of the American Revolution where the battles are fought with electric guitars and awesome hair. While studying Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art & Design, she co-founded Shoujo Phonebook, a student comics anthology. She now lives in the deep woods of New Hampshire with her dogs, Louis, Babette, and her cat, Bert.

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